OPSol® Mini-Clip™

 Home defense made easy for the whole family.

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The OPSol® Mini-Clip™ 

The OPSol® Mini-Clip™ adapter was designed to give “well seasoned” and “recoil sensitive” shooters the capability of shooting the trusty Mossberg® 12ga platform without the usual recoil response.

By using The OPSol® Mini-Clip™ in conjunction with 1.75” shotgun shells, shooters stay in the game without all of the pain.

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  • OPSol® Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex (12ga)

  • Hater Tots Velcro Patches 3 9/16″ x 2 1/2″

  • OPSol T-Shirt


What Customers Say


“Purchased your Mini-Clip for use in a Shockwave, works flawlessly!”

“It works as advertised”

“A lot of bang for the buck! (Pun intended)”

“Amazing product!”

“Cycles each round perfectly. A must product for any age. Reduces recoil significantly.”

“Works like a charm!”

“Cycles minishells flawlessly.

What are Hater Tots®? 

Hater Tots®


/’hādǝr/ /’täts/

1     :A short shotgun shell with an overall length under 1.95” 

2     :Fed to Mossberg® pump shotguns with the use of an OPSol® Mini-Clip

3     :Most famous example is the Aguila® Minishell